Friday, July 15, 2016

Information for Origins 2016

Arrival and Registration

If you are flying, please send us your flight information so we can be sure you have a ride from the airport.  Email

On Wednesday afternoon, conference registration will be held at the Sleep Inn at 3620 Candlers Mountain Rd, Lynchburg, VA  24502.  Ticket holders with a hotel room will also be staying at this location.

The conference meetings will be held in Science Hall 128, where registration will take place on Thursday through Saturday (if you arrive late).  We will have our meals in the dining commons.  To find these buildings, please visit Liberty's campus map at

For the Field Trip

You must wear boots.  We'll be visiting an active quarry that requires boots (not shoes).  If you do not wear boots, you'll have to wait outside the quarry.

If you do not plan on coming to the field trip, please let us know so we can get an accurate count for lunch.  If you have specific dietary needs for the boxed lunch, let us know that too.  Email

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A special movie screening at Origins 2016

We've got a special event for this year's Origins conference, and I wanted to tell you a little about it.  Thomas Purifoy of Compass Cinema is bringing an early edit of their new documentary film Is Genesis History?  We'll be screening the movie on Friday afternoon of the conference, but this will be a different sort of screening.  Instead of just running the movie as-is, we'll be stopping for comments periodically as we view the whole film.  We want to use this as an opportunity to get feedback from some of the folks in the movie, like me.  We'll also have forms for people to write down their comments, in case you don't want to talk in front of the crowd.

To learn more about Is Genesis History? visit their website.  If you'd like to attend Origins 2016, there are still a few tickets left.  You can get them at the conference website.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Origns 2016 Schedule Posted

A preliminary schedule for Origins 2016 has been posted at the conference website.  Check it out at  A highlight this year is a special sneak preview screening of a documentary that several of our members appear in.  Currently, there are only a few spots left at the hotel, so hurry and register if you want a spot at the hotel.  If you prefer getting your own accommodations, there are plenty of regular tickets left.  All tickets include the conference, meals (lunch and dinner), the movie screening, and the field trip.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Call for Papers: Human Origins 2017

The question of our own human creation has become increasingly contentious among evangelical theologians and scientists.  Some theologians insist that the historicity of Adam and Eve is not theologically important, and evolutionary scientists continue to maintain that human evolution does not support the descent of modern humans from a single couple.  New fossil discoveries regularly grab the spotlight with headlines proclaiming a new human “ancestor.”  Traditional beliefs in a historical Adam and creationism seem to be losing popularity among college-educated evangelicals.

In response to this growing enthusiasm for evolution, the editorial board of the Journal for Creation Theology and Science Series B: Life Sciences has launched an annual special issue devoted to multidisciplinary, young-age creationist perspectives and research on human origins.  The first human origins issue with nine open-access papers was published online in May, 2016 and received more than 1700 views in nine weeks.  Papers focused on the recently described Homo naledi fossils from South Africa, with scientific commentary from the UK and USA.

This new publication effort provides a freely-available, scholarly forum where young-age creationists can demonstrate their essential unity and provide a credible alternative understanding of fossils, genomics, and social and cultural anthropology.

The JCTSB editorial board invites manuscript submissions for the 2017 special issue on human origins.  Contributions can include original research or theology articles, short research reports, editorial perspectives, review articles, and book reviews.  All submissions will be subject to standard peer review prior to publication.  Author guidelines and instructions can be found at the JCTSB website,  Email questions to

The submission deadline for consideration for the 2017 special human origins issue is December 30, 2016.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A special plea for West Virginia

This will be an unusual post.

You might have been following the story about the flooding in West Virginia.  In my house, it's very personal, since it's very nearly my wife's hometown.  We were just there the week before the flood happened.  I just spoke in their church, Elkview Baptist, which is now flooded.  So is the high school where she went to school.  Thankfully, my inlaws live on the top of a mountain there, but it's still been hard watching my wife struggle with the pictures and stories on Facebook.  Her childhood best friend Autumn lost everything.  Literally everything.

West Virginia is mountainous, so building options are three:  You can level the top of a mountain (like they did with the Charleston airport), live on the side of a mountain, or take the only flatland: floodplains.  The present flooding is the worst in more than a hundred years.  People are calling it a thousand-year flood.  Some folks don't just have flooded houses, they've lost their land.  The rivers have eroded away the soil on their property making it essentially useless.  Can you imagine overnight going from having a house and a half acre to losing even the half acre?  The power of moving water is mindboggling.

As I said, my wife's friend Autumn lost everything and launched a Gofundme page to raise money to put her life back together.  She's trying to raise $100,000.  I was skeptical when I first saw that, because $100,000 seems like a lot of money.

Then I looked on my newsfeed this morning, and I saw Answers in Genesis promoting their new Noah's Ark park that cost tens of millions of dollars that was raised mostly from private donations.  That kind of money tends to put things into perspective.  Surely, if creationists can donate millions to build an evangelistic outreach, we could give what is comparatively pocket change to help one woman and her family rebuild their lives?

Please understand I'm not questioning AIG's priorities or being bitter or angry.  There are many important causes in the world, and I don't want to criticize a person's private giving priorities.  I'm just saying that God's people are clearly generous when there is a cause they believe in.  I hope that we can be just as generous here.

It's kind of crazy for me as a person running a nonprofit to try to raise money for someone else (I should be fundraising for Core Academy), but I think that's what the Lord would want us to do.  Jesus didn't just preach and evangelize.  He healed the sick and fed the five thousand.  He cares about our needs here and now, not just in eternity.  I think we should too.

Here's Autumn's story, which is hard to read.  But as I write this, she's already raised almost $28,000 in just three days!  That's over a quarter of what she is hoping to get, and it looks like she has a real shot of making her $100,000 goal.  So I ask all my creationist readers to help my wife's friend make (and beat) her goal.  If you don't want to help her, please find someone else in West Virginia that you can help.  Please spread the word, too, and remember them in your prayers.

Thank you!

Visit Autumn's Gofundme page.

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